Charitable Causes

Our Pledge

We believe in giving back, giving back to the community and giving back to those who are always giving us their all. So we would like to take this opportunity to give back to the NHS and all those who are making sacrifices for us to stay safe through this chaotic time.



We will be donating some of our profits to help those NHS trusts that have been affected the most. we shall also be donating to the NHS charities together COVID-19 Urgent appeal which was set up in acknowledgement and support of the NHS staff. The NHS charities together have raised money to help support NHS staff and Volunteers by going above and beyond the traditional scope of NHS charities due to the exceptional circumstances.

The Money that has been raised by the NHS charities together has helped provide NHS staff with urgent needs such as food, drinks and snacks, somewhere comfortable to take breaks and tablets and devices for volunteers and staff to contact family and loved ones not to mention therapy services for volunteers and NHS staff as well.

For more information on the NHS charities together COVID-19 urgent appeal visit their website and see all the amazing work they have done. Click here to visit NHS Charities Together

Every time you use Tradesman City to find a quote you are helping us give back to the NHS for the amazing work they do.

Our choice of charities in which we will donate to are not limited to the NHS charities together or NHS Trusts, however we believe that during this very dangerous time we should be focusing our sights to aiding those on the front lines and supporting them whilst they focus on combating COVID-19 and protecting the public.